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My biggest advice for winter riding is to ride off road where possible; not only is it safer but its harder and will hone bikes skills whilst being more fun. However, if you are due to spend lots of time on the open road I would always recommend the use of a rear facing video camera fitted to the bike. Unfortunately, there are a very small proportion of drivers that will squeeze past you and put you in danger or as I have had drivers using their vehicle to drive at you.

​Its not going to protect you having a camera fitted but it certainly can add weight to an accident; and or to report dangerous driving.

Our Tips for a safe and enjoyable winter riding:

  • Be bright and light up
  • Keep your bike clean and well maintained 
  • TLC of your chain using a Wet lube in winter
  • Always add Mudguards to your bike for the winter as this will keep your bike cleaner, you cleaner and the rider behind you!
  • Winter tyres providing increase puncture resistance and using a 25mm tyre
  • Use a slime filled inner tube to aid puncture protection 
  • Reduce your tyre pressure to around 100psi to increase grip 
  • Regular cleaning of brake blocks and rims
  • Use a silicone finisher on your frame to reduce build of muck
  • Finally, use a teflon spray on cables (GT85)

Probably the most important aspect to winter riding is being seen, the low visibility and shorter days makes it harder for drivers to see you. Therefore, despite the conditions and during the day we strongly advise you use a good front light and rear light at all times during the winter. 

​We also strongly recommend you wear a bright coloured jacket to aid drivers and other road users to see you easier. 

"So be bright and light that road up"

Cycling in the winter can be dangerous given the condition of the roads, whilst it can also cause unwanted wear and tear on your much loved bike and cycling clothing. Furthermore, it can be daunting to some that are a more fair weather cyclists. But there is an equally enjoyable aspect of cycling that you may not have experienced and that becoming an all round year rider. 

If you prepare for the elements and dress accordingly and look after your bike, your winter rides can be challenging but extremely rewarding given the additional challenges it can bring. Choosing the right kit, maintaining your bike and being seen will deliver great rewards when others remain indoors and unmotivated to get out and ride.

And keeping your bike and kit in Tip Top condition

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