Time Efficient.



The first and probably the most important drill to master is how to Scull; the clip below takes you through each sculling drill. This drill is not just for beginners but all abilities of swimmer as it enforces how the water should feel around your hands/catch area of the stroke. Use a pool buoy to aid buoyancy making the drill easier to focus on the front end of the stroke.

Swim Smooth Part 1/2 efficient swimming is another excellent source to visualise how we should all be swimming.

"Jono" van Hazel is an Australian former swimmer who specialised in freestyle (front crawl) events. He is considered to have the smoothest freestyle technique in the world. 

We strongly recommend to watch this clip and watch it again....  

Potentially the most feared discipline in Triathlon and understandably so if you do not come from a swimming background, especially if the event is an open water swim. The vast majority of the fears people have in the water can be eliminated using some 1-2-1 sessions and/or just some coaching. Overcoming these fears will allow you to become a more confident person in gaining this key life skill. Not only that you will enjoy a triathlon a lot more rather than enduring the first element of it. The most important aspect to triathlon swimming are the drills; these drills are paramount at placing your body in the correct position in the water to allow you to swim more efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, drills are what makes you a faster swimmer NOT battling up and down a pool enforcing a poor technique. 

The drills below are just a handful of drills that we believe are pivotal to you becoming a faster and more efficient swimmer. 

Drills to Improve Your Swimming