We also offer a Power Testing Package:

  • Initial Power Test
  • 3-Months Training Package aimed at improving your Functional Threshold
  • Final Power Test 

Are you an experienced triathlete ​looking at taking your fitness to the next level; or perhaps you are looking at qualification to become a GB Age Group athlete or to complete your first sprint triathlon and/or Ironman. We have extensive experience and have experience at racing at Sprint to Ironman distance plus going through the qualification process for GB Age Group ITU World Championships & ETU European Championships. We understand the demands and commitment it takes to qualify and our coaches have represented at this level on several occasions. 

Triathlon training and what to focus on and manage 3 x disciplines is daunting, yet with the right focus and a structured program we can guide you through what is needed depending on your current fitness in each discipline. Every athlete will have different needs, so getting touch and allow our expertise to guide you through what you need to be doing.

A field test is a real world and scientifically supported method for cyclists/triathletes to determine their threshold power. 

It is performed by the rider essentially going as hard as they can for 20 minutes. The average wattage from the test is used to calculate the riders’ threshold power for 1 Hr.  A power profile test will assess whether you are adapting positively to the training (i.e. getting stronger). The first power profile test you do gives you a benchmark of what power you can achieve for 20 minutes. Subsequent tests allow you to assess where you are improving. Many athletes find it motivating to be tested regularly as it is a way of measuring your improvement in fitness and strength. You can also look at how your power and power/weight for each effort compares to athletes at International and National level. Depending on what races you have and what your training workload is like, we recommend being tested every 6-wks to ensure your prescribed training is working. 

We shall provide you with a full test report that will include your training power levels plus how you compare against other athletes. We can also complete more specialist power testing to analyse a riders ability to sprint/climb and hold short periods of power as oppose to 20Mins. Further information please click - 

From novice to experienced riders we have have the knowledge that can help you improve and achieve your potential. This includes but not limited to riders aiming to complete their first Sportive or first road race to the season road racer looking how to maximise their training to assist them in obtaining more points to move up the road rankings. We also work with riders focussing on Time Trials and MTB racing. We are passionate about utilising scientific tools like Power Meters, so we have a good working knowledge on power based training and can deliver this to those athletes using power. 

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Cycling Power Testing

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Smart 121 offer an array of services and we will actively bring in key coaches to be appointed to an athlete if they have specific needs and/or more than Smart 121 can offer. We are limited in the numbers of athletes we coach and if we are at our limit, then we will happily assist you in obtaining the most suitable coach to meet your goals  


Time Efficient.



Our training camps are conducted in Mallorca in conjunction with Prof Richard Davison.  Mallorca has arguably the best cycling road in the world, and where you will be most welcome not only by us but by the locals. Our camps are based in Puerto Pollens in the north of the Island in Villa Concha Hotel Apartments. The hotel is located 200m from the beach, where there is a suitable area to conduct Open Water sea swimming in a safe benign environment. The hotel itself is Half Board accommodation with the following facilities;  25M pool, Spa, Gym and secure bike storage. The complex is a purpose built sports hotel with local like shops close by should you wish to hire a bike rather than bring your own. 

Our 1-2-1 sessions can be tailored to meet your needs and requirements, whether you are an existing athlete being coached by Smart121 or not we will deliver the same professional standard to all athletes. You maybe new to cycling, swimming or even running and having expert 1-2-1 advice for 1-2Hrs can really make significant gains in your ability as an athlete. Our 1-2-1 sessions are also very good if you are new to a sport and or seek some confidence and motivation. The following are just some ideas what we can offer but not limited too:

  • Cycling skills road or Time Trial Bikes
  • ​Bike Maintenance/Cleaning/Race Prep
  • Swimming Analysis Filmed (Suitable pool required)
  • Running Analysis Filmed/Running Re-education Inc Drils
  • Cycle Led ride with client (Duration as required)
  • Race Kit Prep/Motivation discussion 

1-2-1 sessions are delivered to you for £45 per hour, however, should you wish to double up with someone or a small group then this can be discussed.

So whatever it is we should be able to offer what you need and if not then we shall advice where you should go. Drop us a line to discuss your needs

What you can expect and what is included:

  • Half Board Accommodation based on either 2 or 3 sharing
  • Tailored program to meet the groups needs each day
  • Open Water Swim Intro/Session (Tri Camp ONLY)
  • Daily Led ride in grouped ability 
  • Brick Run plus drills (Tri Camp ONLY)
  • Daily access to coaches for personal 1-2-1 discussion
  • Group seminars as requested on specific subjects or open
  • ​Airport transfer with your bike/bags
  • A friendly camp where we all get involved to help each other using our strengths to bring out the best in our athletes.

We host both Triathlon and Road Cycling training camps to suit all abilities of athletes, we have qualified British Cycling Coaches/Ride leaders and British Triathlon Coaches to lead you through the beautiful roads and countryside that Mallorca has to offer. Each camp is tailored to meet the needs of the athletes. Unlike other camps we don't stop there, we will conduct a seminar each evening to discuss with you any aspect of training, racing or whatever you wish us to brief you on. Furthermore, we shall continually provide advice to you as required during your stay in terms of coaching, with the primary purpose to make you a better athlete.