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Safe cycling 

Cycling Clothing - Be Bright and Be Seen......

​Wear brightly coloured or fluorescent clothing when riding on public roads. This will allow other road users to see you earlier than if you wore dark colours. 

Riding Position on the Road...

Don't ride too close to the kerb or side, give yourself sufficient room to avoid drains and debris on the road side. But equally don't take over the road.

​When riding in pairs be courteous to other road users and single up to allow overtaking when on narrow roads. Be careful when overtaking parked cars for doors opening.

Make sure your bike is road worthy..

Maintaining your bike and listening to its noise when on the road is key to ensure its mechanically sound. Look after your bike and it will look after you - especially your chain.

Protect your Head - Helmet

Wearing a helmet on every ride will reduce the chances of head injuries should you become detached from your bike - If you do and your helmet is impacted you need to replace this before wearing it again. 

Eye Contact with others...

Always keep your situational awareness and who's around you. Make eye contact with drivers and this will increase your chances of them knowing your intentions. 

Ride with Others.....

Riding with a friend riding side-by-side is far safer than riding solo, as this increases your visible presence on the road. As does riding in groups of riders. 

Making your Cycling Safer.........

Light Up....  

Stick a small neat bright flashing red light on the rear as this will aid your visibility to other road users. Whether its dark or not stick it on, I would also recommend a small front light also to increase your visibility to others on the road. Neither of these lights are for your benefit to see, moreover for others to see you...




Tips on Cycling Safer

​Cycling on public road with other road users is risky, due to the vulnerability of being unprotected from other road users. Most road users are protected by a a metal shell around them, us cyclists generally have nothing more some lycra and a helmet.......

​However, the benefits we get from riding far outweigh the risks imposed against us - Following these simple rules will hopefully make you safer on the roads. 

Final Safety Advice - You do not own the road nor do other road users; we share the road with lots of other road users. So be courteous to to others and treat all other road users how you would expect to be treated. Ride on the left as far as reasonably practical being aware of others overtaking you. When riding in groups or pairs, side by side riding in paris is far safer and perfectly legal in accordance with the High Way Code. But you should single when required to assist other overtaking you. When changing direction and turning off the road, ensure you check over your right shoulder and indicate in sufficient time to allow other road users to adapt their driving. The wearing of headphones whilst riding on the open road is discouraged due to the decrease in hearing and situational awareness it will impose. 

​Being courteous to other road users and thanking them when you may have held them up is absolute key, as they may see you riding again and or other riders. So help your fellow colleagues and be polite to all other road users in order to protect our image of cycling.

As I eluded to above; the benefits we get from riding far outweighs any risks that are prevalent.  But if you follow these pithy Cycling Safety advice I hope this will make you and other safer cyclists.

​Ride safe and return home to your families in the same condition as you left; or perhaps just a little mucky and fatigued........

Ride - to - Live- to Ride