Time Efficient.



Consider these few simple tips to a happier and speedier run.....

  • Speed Work - Unless you run fast in training, don't expect to run fast in a race! Before any speed work a period of strength and conditioning is required due to the increased demand of greater loads and explosive power.
  • Technique - Do not neglect technique, incorporate drills and skills in order to run faster, further and more efficient.
  • Peaking - Always remember what your A race is and when that is, keep that focus and do not peak out of sync from this goal. If you PB in training outwit your season then great but don't be hung up on this.
  • Trainers - Always buy two pairs of your favourite trainers and alternate when you use as this will extend their life (Cheers Daz Sharpe great tip)

      A few points to consider:


  • Training hard is fine but don't over do it as it will increases the chances of injury. Listen to your body and despite your intended session ease off if pain exists. 
  • Specificity - If your training for 1/2 to full marathons, don't expect to be able to run as fast as if you were focussing on 5Ks and vice versa.
  • Keep your eye on the goal; if its a training race then don't taper and don't be too hung up if you don't PB. Use training races to practice for your main races.​
  • Volume - If you need to increase volume; its advisable to do a double run session on the same day as oppose to running back to back days.
  • Long Runs - Long runs are primarily aimed at increasing your bodies tolerance to withstand the pounding and conditioning requirements of running for a longer duration. These runs should be slow; and best to be done off road to limit the chances of additional pounding


Plyometric exercises using explosive power movements done to build power especially for running. Eccentric-contraction plyometric, for example jumping off a high box, landing on the floor and then immediately springing back up to a second high box are risky but potentially have massive rewards than concentric-contraction plyometric as before but eliminating the jump down and landing. There's less potential for reward this way but also less risk.

So as part of any program, strength sessions are paramount and should be completed before higher demands are expected and also before conducting any plyometrics. Examples that I would recommend for strength training are; Bulgarian Squats, Single Leg Squats using a leg press, Calf raises, Glute Bridge, Clams, Flutter kicks and Reverse Hypers (Single Leg). These are only my views and there are lots to chose from. Endless to say building strength in the glutes will yield big results.

Of the three triathlon sports, running is the riskiest due to the stress it places on bones, joints and soft tissues. For some athletes, a lot of running is likely to cause injury. Hence the need to strengthen these tissues, bone and ligaments before placing high loads of stress upon them.  

Conditioning runs are what they say on the tin... Their prime purpose is to condition the joints, bones and ligaments for the demands of higher loads later in the season. These runs are crucial to build a good solid base of both run fitness but actually more importantly conditioning. These sessions is key, especially before a periods of higher demand in speed.

Whilst running the distances we do is primarily an endurance activity, muscular strength plays a pivotal role. Due to the risks associated with running strength is key to restrict the onset of injuries. Strength exercises will ensure good running form, reduce the chance of injuries and overall become a more conditioned runner.

Running by its very nature is a single leg activity, so if you can mimic this using body weight or weights this will increase your strength and ability to run faster.  If you consider the weight being applied to one leg during a strike, potentially 3 X their body weight. So by increasing single leg strength will allow you to be a more conditioned and powerful runner.  It is recommended that you complete 2 – 3 Strength sessions per week.

Running Tips....