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The following motivational videos are an excellent way to kick start you, should the need arise. 

Prior preparation in terms of kit required and arriving at your race in plenty of time to alleviate stressors is absolutely key to  ensure you can deliver the best performance at any given race.  

Why invest so much commitment to training for you not to be 100% psychologically ready for the demands that racing brings?

Our coaches will work with our athletes using a variety of mental skills to facilitate positive change using imagery, positive self belief and relaxation techniques. Using some of these skills as part of a pre - race warm up can increase your performance by up to 20%, so why wouldn't you invest some time in understanding your mind and applying these techniques.  The use of specific music during a warm-up can really assist an athlete to get into the 'Zone' and mentally prepared for the race ahead. Whilst music isn't possible during an actual race there are many other ways to apply psychological techniques to assist you during a race.

Sports psychology should be an essential part of any athletes preparation. This page provides some basic theoretical and practical advice on sports psychology, but it is not intended in replacing expert advice available from accredited sports psychologists. 

Using sports psychology techniques can help athletes change the way they think and feel to enhance their performance. By applying some simple psychological principles it is possible to change the way you tackle each training session, ensuring you complete your prescribed sessions as planned. Furthermore, the challenges that we psychologically face prior to some training sessions will make you a stronger and more focussed athlete if you can apply some simple principles. 

​Believe in your own ability and learn to trust your equipment to deliver your potential.

Train & Race with the right motivation, confidence & self belief.

Train & Race with the right motivation, confidence & self belief.

Psychological Factors are just as important as Physiological and can account for up to 20% of your Performance...