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Zipvit are a leading Sports Nutrition company that support all Smart 121 athletes. Contact your coach for discount code.

If you are new to Tekno Fuel our philosophy is very simple. We provide you with the building blocks to create your own sports drink to meet your individual needs. There are no additives just a pure energy drink, no colouring no flavour and no aspartame. This means there are no un-necessary additives and it gives you 

the flexibility to alter the concentration of your sports drink to meet the needs of each individual training session or race. The most recent research indicated that you should look carefully at each training session and assess the nutritional needs for that session and alter your sports drink accordingly. With Tekno Fuel that is easy, simply adjust the concentration of your drink then add any flavour you want. This is not possible with most of our competitors as altering the concentration also alters the flavour making it un-drinkable.

By keeping the packaging as simple as possible we can offer you an energy drink at a great price, only £25 per 4kg box. With Tekno Fuel you buy the product not the packaging. £6.75 (sorry it is very heavy) courier delivery for up to two boxes on one order. This result s in a product that retails at about a third of the cost of most energy drinks currently on the market.

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