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Testing Options:

  • £25 for one off testing. This will give you a benchmark and provide you with accurate scientific training levels, to ensure you are training in the right zone.
  • £60 for 3 x tests providing the same as above but comparisons against previous tests can analyse improvements to ensure your training load and recovery is working to improve your threshold power and ultimately allow to ride faster!
  • ​£120 - Power Testing Package - Include initial test, 3-months coaching plus final test.

So what is Threshold Power?

Lactate threshold (LT) is where at a given intensity your lactate begins to accumulate, this is an extremely powerful predictor of an athletes endurance performance ability.  This is because although an athletes cardiovascular fitness level as in their maximal oxygen uptake (VO2Max) sets the upper limit to their rate of aerobic energy production, it is their metabolic fitness as in their LT that determines the percentage or fraction of their VO2Max that can be utilized for any given period of time. The physiological factors determining LT are complex, but in this context blood lactate levels essentially serve as an indirect marker for biochemical events within exercising muscle. Specifically a person’s LT reflects the ability of their muscles to match energy supply to energy demand, which in turn determines the fuel mix (i.e., carbohydrate Vs fat) used and the development of muscle fatigue.

What you will get from the test?

  1. Specific training levels in power and heart rate zones.
  2. Understanding where your threshold level is.
  3. Accurate scientific benchmarking that can be used to test against in future to analyse improvements.
  4. Specific training levels to train at your given “Sweet Spot”, this where the maximum gains can be achieved for a set effort with sufficient recovery periods to enable the improvements that are sought. "Biggest bang for you buck"

So why get tested?​

  • Do you know what your heart rate or power training zones are?
  • Do you want to use your heart rate or power meter to monitor more scientifically so you can see how much time is spent riding in each training zone?
  • Do you think you’re always training too hard, or maybe most of your training lacks specific intensity?
  • So how do you know if you’re riding too hard or too easy?

A field test is a real world and scientifically supported method for cyclists to determine their threshold power.  It is performed by the cyclist going as hard as they can for 20 minutes. The average wattage from the test is used to calculate the riders’ threshold power for 1 Hr.  A power profile test will assess whether you are adapting positively to the training (ie getting stronger). The first power profile test you do gives you a benchmark of what power you can achieve for 20 minutes. Subsequent tests allow you to assess where you are improving. Many athletes find it motivating to be tested regularly as it is a way of measuring your improvement in fitness and strength. You can also look at how your power and power/weight for each effort compares to athletes at International and National level. Depending on what races you have and what your training workload is like, we recommend being tested every 1-2 months to ensure your prescribed training is working.

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