The coaching services offered are varied and are tailored to the needs and abilities of  you the athlete. Our specialism is Power related training on the bike; where we have extensive knowledge on modern techniques and methodologies to target your weaknesses and improve your overall cycling experience by delivering time efficient, targeted training that meets your specific needs. We use Training Peaks and WKO4 to record, monitor and analyse your training in order to deliver you the tools to turn you into a more efficient and stronger rider. 

Working closely with leading sports scientists; Smart121 are constantly learning and adapting their techniques to benefit the rider.  

Our Elite Coaching and Standard Program has many benefits; including discounted Power Meters direct from Smart121. 

Each coaching package is delivered via Training Peaks and Smart121 pay direct for your service. Training Peaks is an excellent coaching tool that allows the coach to easily analyse athletes progression and performance, but it also provides an athlete with a daily email of your sessions plus the ability to have them delivered on your smart phone/Ipad via the Training Peaks App.  Each package has a minimum contract of 3-months, after this time its only 1-month notice to terminate. Finally, we agree not to increase our fees whilst you remain with us. 

The Standard coaching package is a bespoke monthly program; with unlimited email contact and responses within a maximum or 48hrs. Set up fee is £30 and this includes a 1-2-1 interview to better understand you and your demands. If you are geographically placed not near us; then this can be conducted via telco or Skype.

Your training will be based against your goals for the season, where we shall optimise your training to be time efficient. This will include power specific training, if you use a power meter (Highly recommended and preferred for all athletes).  Great package for someone who wants to take things further and achieve their best when time is precious.

This bespoke monthly program is for a cyclist or triathlete that already uses Power and trains and races with it. I would rely on this power data fed into Training Peaks in order that I could extrapolate the data and conduct analysis within WKO-4 (State of the art power analysis).  All your training will be data driven against your goals and season objectives.

Unlimited email contact with responses ASAP but no later than 24hrs. There is no set up fee with this package.  

This package is for an athlete that is establish and wants that extra dedication from a coach with extensive knowledge of optimising Power Related training. Very specific in terms of training levels, your commitment and our dedication to you.  A Annual Training Plan will be developed with you including all your races; so we can optimise your training and you will fully understand where you are in relation to achieving your goals. We will always complete a thorough analysis using WKO4 of your power data from each race; and if you are a triathlete or TT we will be able to provide specific power numbers that you should race too - in order to achieve your best possible bike split or TT.

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